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HOMsoft wins Microsoft’s “2003 Information Worker Challenge”

In this age of information technology, a new class of worker has evolved. In every industry, the need for information has increased as the business climate continues to demand more efficiency and speed in the delivery of everyday solutions. The new class of worker that is coming to fill that gap is known as an “Information Worker”.

Webster defines an information worker as “Anybody who is an active participant in a business information flow or business information process.” A large part of the job for any information worker is the technology tools that are available to facilitate the accumulation and transmission of business-critical information. In order to recognize excellence in this field, Microsoft Corporation instituted a series of regional contests called the “Information Worker Challenge

After receiving submissions from all over the Midwest, Microsoft awarded the top prize in their Midwest Division to HOMsoft for their warranty management application. HOMsoft has combined the best attributes of Customer Relation Management, wide area networking, and wireless Internet to create a product that brings a new level of service to the home building industry.

Congratulations to HOMsoft and parent company Warranty Management Technologies on their accomplishment.

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