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Home Building Industry’s Leading Customer Service Expert
Teams Up With Dynamic Technology Firm

Carol Smith combines forces with Warranty Management Technologies to offer builders HOMsoft, an Internet based, licensed system that delivers unprecedented levels of service and attention to homeowners.

What Carol has to say:

"The home building industry has long made use of computer support for accounting and scheduling. The design side of the profession has benefitted from sophisticated CAD systems. Up until now, warranty service has been an after thought and the software systems that were available were developed by folks with little or no hands-on experience managing warranty service on a daily basis. And now that has changed. The intuitive screens, solid functionality, and built in flexibility of the HOMsoft system are just the beginning. Bringing the builder, trade contractors, and the homeowners together in one communication system via the Internet–smoothly and conveniently–will revolutionize warranty service in the home building industry. HOMsoft literally reinvents new home warranty service.

Take Control of Warranty Service

With this technology as a member of your team, you will reduce response time and stay in touch with homeowners, and produce results for them while keeping warranty overhead under control. This transparent system keeps all parties informed regarding each warranty item–there is no place for service-slackers to hide. Along with accountability, the HOMsoft system brings the time-tested communication tools builders have always come to expect in my books and training seminars.

Documentation and Reports

The system documents every warranty communication or action, creating a reliable history on every home. The relevant and timely reports provide you with accurate, objective, up-to-the-minute information you can use to eliminate future defects, thereby eliminating inconvenience for homeowners and reducing warranty work and expense for your company and your trades. Data drives change. If product improvement appeals to you, this is the means to that end.

Front Line Training

When you are part of the HOMsoft system, your customer satisfaction efforts are further supported by regional conferences that combine my seminars with HOMsoft user group workshops. As front line personnel master face to face customer communications, the HOMsoft system supports their efforts to provide service to homeowners with the power and speed of the Internet.

Stand Out in a Crowded Market Place

This elegant system brings information and people together in a manner never before possible to set your company apart from the competition by helping you to achieve record levels of customer satisfaction."

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